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Financial Opportunities
For more that 18 years Santiago has provided individual opportunities for Retail Installment Contract purchases. These contracts have consistently returned 7% month in and month out.

If you are interested in a Retail Installment Contract, contact Amanda Perine today at 714-744-4993 or email at: .

How does a Contract Purchase work?
Many families who desire to improve their lifestyle by purchasing good-quality, affordable manufactured housing in one of our forty communities have difficulty qualifying for conventional bank financing. That's why we created our unique "second-chance" financing option. We give qualified families the opportunity to purchase a home and re-establish their good credit at the same time.

After thoroughly checking the borrower's qualifications, we finance the purchase with a Retail Installment Contract and Security Agreement ("Purchase Contract").

We then sell the Purchase Contract to you and you become the lender. As the lender, you are in first position with the manufactured home pledged as collateral and a lien is recorded with the California Department of Housing. Fire insurance and current taxes are obtained through the escrow.

How will I receive my returns?
In connection with the sale of the Purchase Contract, we enter into an agreement to collect the monthly payments on your behalf. The servicing fee is above and beyond the return that you receive.

We never expect a Contract to become delinquent, but should that occur. Santiago Communities Inc.'s guarantee covers you.

We handle the details and you continue to receive your monthly payments from us without interruption.

What is the "service and safety" of my Contract Purchase?
If you enter into an agreement for us to service the Purchase Contract, should the home be acquired through foreclosure, it will be refurbished as needed and re-sold through our network of in-community sales experts and sales center.

You are given the opportunity to...
  • Purchase a new Purchase Contract with the new home buyers
  • Purchase another Purchase Contract on another home
  • Receive full payment.
Of course, with any high yielding opportunity there are risks. But we have minimized the risks with THREE levels of security;
  1. The homeowners ability to pay
  2. The manufactured home as collateral
  3. Backed by Santiago Communities, Inc.

How does a Contract Purchase work? How will I receive my returns? What is the "service and safety" of my Contract Purchase?
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